Long and high exposure to risk? No problem with Agger.

Our solutions for this Market

AGGER Platform helps to prevent long and high exposure to risk:

Gives military organizations tactical, operational and strategic advantage, since today many wars are fought in the cyberspace instead of in the “conventional battlefields” and a new era in military matters began.

Ensures the highest level of protection of military networks, upon them all weapons systems depend, making them secure, reliable and resilient.

Helps military organizations in their mission of assuring national security. At this level, Security is not an option, it is a “must”: military organizations have to protect themselves in order to provide security to people.

Is a trust, reliable and secure product: furthermore, we have started a certification process which will lead to Agger software components be EAL4 certified.

Protect your systems from cyber threat. Find out the Gyala approach.