Is critical to a nation’s infrastructures and industrial success. Agger stops cyber-attacks for political or economic aims.

Our solutions for this Market

The AGGER Platform helps to prevent high exposure to risks:

In cybersecurity, one solution doesn’t fit all problems. Still, what might work in IT will not be necessarily adequate in the energy sector. Instead AGGER’s modular structure is suitable to protect a different kind of systems (IT / OT, IT-OT convergence).

Agger is able to take into account the characteristics of the sector such as the real-time requirements, high level of complexity, and the combination of resource-constrained legacy systems embedded with new technologies.

Agger fits both generations of technologies and it is extendable and able to evolve so to integrate new components and new security requirements that the market might require.

Agger is suitable for early detection and isolation of compromised components and, more generally, of all kinds of threats.

Agger is well suitable for the early detection and isolation of compromised components and generally of threats.

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