Correlation Module

The module permits to manage events and logs generated by all the Agger module.


The Correlation Module provides the capability to perform the correlation of the information retrieved from events and logs.

The Correlation Module is provided as a complete virtual machine.

How it works

All the events generated by all the Agger module, as well as any other log source such as Firewalls, IDS/IPS, Network devices, Domain controller, Applications, etc. can be managed by the Agger Correlation Module.

This module collects, filters and analyses all the received events and logs, generating alerts which are managed by Agger server in order to define eventual reactions and can be sent to a second layer external SIEM.

Module Management

All the events can be accessed and analysed through a modern graphical console which permit to create personalized dashboards and reports.


Secure communication infrastructure designed for Internet deployment.

Management through the central server.

Integrable with external SIEM.

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