Network Security Appliance

Agger physical or virtual probes monitor and analyse all the IT and OT network traffic.


The Agger Network Security Appliance is based upon a physical or virtual network probe and a central server.

Agger Network Security Appliance can be integrated with all the other complementary Agger Modules or also with an external SIEM.

How does it work?

In order to create models and to detect any kind of anomalies the NSA modules monitors and analyses all the IT and OT network traffic from layer 2 to layer 7 of the OSI stack using machine learning algorithms.

Artificial Intelligence algorithms can create different maps for different operational conditions in order to maximize detection accuracy.

The probes have also rules-based IDS capabilities and they are able to generate Netflow logs.

Module Management

The central console allows the managing of all the probes in order to access, visualize and analyse all data collected. This will be easily displayed through a modern graphical interface.

What are the advantages?

Having a physical or virtual machine

Secure all communication and infrastructures designed for Internet deployment

Automatic updates of all the probes.

Full management through the central server

Protect your systems from cyber threat. Find out the Gyala approach.