Operational Technology Defence Module

The module allows the protection of RTUs (Remote Terminal Unit) and IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Device) installed directly on the OT network.


The Agger OT Defence is a server-side protection system for RTUs, which checks remotely and continuously the availability and integrity of all RTUs and IEDs. In the case of corruption, it is able to re-upload the original software and its initial configuration.

The Agger OT Defence is provided as a complete virtual machine that has to be installed on the OT network in order to be able to contact all RTUs on the network.

How it works

The OT Defence Module has a self-discovery capability, which it gathers a lot of information and data such as domain application names, dates, signatures, etc.

The interaction with the RTUs, in terms of performance, is absolutely negligible and it has no impact on the operations themselves.

The reaction can be completely automatic or through human interaction and authorization.

Agger OT Defence can be integrated with all the other complementary Agger Modules but also with an external SIEM.

Module Management

All the OT devices can be managed and visualized easily through a modern graphical console, which allows to check and display of the OT network connections.

What are the advantages?

Physical or virtual machine fully scalable (CPU and storage)

Secure communication infrastructure designed for Internet deployment

Management through the central server

Auto-discover new devices on the same network

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