Risk Management Tool

The module permits to build up a Knowledge Base to better manage the risk.


The Risk Management Tool provides the capability to perform incident handling and management based on risk analysis.

The Agger Risk Management Tool is provided as a complete virtual machine.

How it works

The RMT module permits to create a formal description of IT and OT Infrastructure: devices installed, services provided by them, and the relation between devices and services.

This knowledge base is used to calculate the impact on the services based on the probability and the impact magnitude of each potential threats and the efficiency of the conceived remediation plan.

The Agger Risk Management Tool is based on international Cyber Security Standards such as ISO-27001, ISO-27005, NIST and FAIR.

Module Management

The central console permits to create assets’ models and to assign them a criticality value, in terms of functional and information impact. Based on these values, a risk analysis can be performed, including the calculation of confidentiality, reliability and integrity levels. These management actions can be performed through a modern graphical interface.


Secure communication infrastructure designed for Internet deployment

Management through the central server

Autodiscover new device on the same network

Integrable with external SIEM

Main Features

Knowledge base

IT/OT devices.

IT/OT services.

Devices/services relation.

Risk treatment plan.

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